YMZFPV M10-5883 GPS Module INAV Betalight FPV Drone

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Hello, we are ymzfpv development team. After a period of development and testing, we are about to launch a GPS module based on the design of M10050 chip, which is suitable for Betaflight, INAV and other open source firmware


  1. Based on the new generation of M10050 chip, the product has the fast speed of star searchand high positioning accuracy
  2. 2. Itis goodfor the product to receive the satellite signal and to have anti-interference. We use the Nissan's LNA amplifier and custom the fine-tuned antenna of ceramic and three-frequency
  3. The product can supportGPS, Galileo, BDS three kinds of satellite system positioning to meet the positioning needs of users in different countries and regions
  4. Built-in Flash chip.Customers can use theU-CENTER software for personalized settings
  5. The onboard electronic compasscanprovide accurate orientation, for example, the flight firmware like INAV requires electronic compass
  6. The LED indicatorof side lightis easier to identify in strong light environment
  7. High safety, and the protection circuit is designed in 5V and GND
  8. The on-board farad capacitor can save the current satellite information for about 45-90min for fast hot start
  9. Spare pads are designed.You are able touse the terminals of SH1.0-6pin, and also use a spare pad.

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Jessee Johnson
Very happy with starship x1 😁

Great little drone. Cuts through the winds. Very powerful, easy set up. Good price. Well worth it. Thank you 😁