RCinPOWER GTS V3 1003 10,000Kv Micro Motor


KV: 10000KV 1 Pack

10000KV 1 Pack
10000KV 4 Pack (-10%)
14000KV 1 Pack
14000KV 4 Pack(-10%)

Colors: Teal blue & pink

Teal blue & pink
货号: 1003-10000KV MOTOR
可用性 : 有存货 预购 缺货

Transform your FPV experience with the RCINPOWER GTS V3 1003 10,000Kv Brushless Motor. This motor boasts impressive power, speed, and torque and will leave you stunned. Dare to go faster, farther, and higher than you ever have! Choose between orange with gold accents or blue with pink accents. This motor comes with a a solderless motor connector.

This motor is also available 18,000Kv and 22,000Kv

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  • Enables agile and efficient flight maneuvers
  • Designed specifically for FPV enthusiasts
  • Compact and powerful microdesign


  • KV: 10000
  • Configuration: 9N12P
  • Stator Diameter: 10mm
  • Stator Length: 3mm
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.5mm
  • Motor Dimension: 13.5x9.2mm
  • Weight: 3.45 Grams (5cm Wires)
  • Idle Current (5 Seconds)@4V: 0.8A
  • No. Of Cells (Lipo): 1-2S
  • Max Continuous Power (W) 3S: 85
  • Internal Resistance: 162mΩ
  • Max Current (3S): 11.5A
  • Max. Efficiency Current: (1-3A)>84%


  • 1x RCinPOWER GTS V3 1003 10,000Kv Micro Motor - Choose Color
  • 1x Screw Kit

10000KV 1 Pack, 10000KV 4 Pack (-10%), 14000KV 1 Pack, 14000KV 4 Pack(-10%)


Teal blue & pink